About Us

About Us

Bin Muqadam Enterprises LLC which was established in 2008, has maintained it 9001:2015 certification, therefore is an excellent grade company and an reputable organization servicing the Oil and Gas Industries throughout the Sultanate of Oman. We are one of the most reputed firms in the field of industrial construction works for Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation . Since our inception we have grown from strength to strength, having undertaken and delivered many challenging projects and have built a reputation for delivering innovative and time bound solutions for our clients.

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Our Strengths

BME counts among our strengths the team of dedicated and skilled professionals that we have employed, the pillars of our company, who stand together without regard to challenges or adversity. We are, therefore, committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, while giving back to the communities in which we live and work. We deliver any project, any time in any environment for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees and the communities we serve.


To effectively combine technical knowledge, innovation and team work in providing high standards of performance to achieve excellence in project execution while committed to quality, safety, reliability and on-time completion in all sectors


To be a market leader in Electrical,Civil and Mechanical sector and to provide the best and materials to the customer within budget and on time with no compromise in Quality.

Core Values

At Bin Muqadam Enterprises, the performance of the Organization is measured on the basis of its core values. All Corporate decisions are driven by these core values. Our Core values include but are not limited to the following:-

  • Provide a friendly work environment for the staff.
  • Apply the highest standards of excellence to all business activities.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Contribute positively to Omani environment and nurture In Country Value (ICV).
  • Believing in honesty, integrity and working with trust.
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation to bring out the best in our employees.


Quality & Health Management System!
Quality and Customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of Bin Muqadam Enterprises LLC business practices. We have made it a point to deliver the best and nothing but the best. The first lesson every employee gets soon after joining us is that the customer deserves the best whether it is goods or services. With a view to improve its quality of services and delivery, we have successfully completed and maintained our ISO 9001:2015 certification with Velosi. We adhere to the ISO management standards and benchmarks in order to conduct of business practices in a manner that we can insure compliance to International Standards. We at BME are proud of our Local Community Company (LCC) and are keen to add In-Country Value as mandated by the authorizes regarding manpower within the Sultanate of Oman, however we are equally keen to provide excellence products and services through maintaining the highest standards to maximize our clients Return on Investment (ROI). Adopting global best practices has placed us in a position where we can insure a profitable and sustainable business relationship with all of our respective clients. The overall objectives of the organization are outlined in the Quality Policy Statement and are evaluated annually during the Management Review process. The policies and procedures necessary to carry out the Quality Policy are documented in the Quality Manual.
Quality Policy

To provide high quality and timely delivery of our products and services to our customers and to consistently meet the requirements and expectations of our Stakeholders.

Quality Policy Letter
The policy is achieved through:
  • Management and staff commitment to providing high quality professional service to our customers:
    • All materials, products and services are in compliance with international andOmani Electrical Standards.
    • A Quality System based on the concepts of ISO 9001:2008 is utilized.
    • The effectiveness of the management system is continually improved.
  • Our Standards of Service:
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Services meet customer quality and requirements
    • Commitments are achieved
  • The Quality Control Program:
    • A rigorous Quality Control Program is in place to monitor the quality of products and services. This program includes:
    • Analysis and evaluation of internal quality control
    • Participation in external quality control programs
    • Testing of all materials and products in independent international laboratories embracing strict quality control measures
  • Human Resources:
  • Our staff are familiar with the Quality Policy and implement it diligently in the workplace. They are provided with the knowledge, training, and tools necessary to perform their duties.
We at BME, envision a safety culture that will achieve an injury free workplace which will facilitate & empower employees to make continuous improvement aiming to establish us as the industry leader in HSE. This will create value to our employees, clients and society at large & enhance overall business process. The company has well established HSE policy, emphasizing The responsibility for the Safety rests with the line management of the company and HSE is considered a prime factor of its business'', therefore HSE is everyone's responsibility and is corporate philosophy. The Senior Management provides strong, visible HSE leadership & commitment and ensures that this commitment is translated into the necessary recourses to develop, operate and maintain the company's HSE MS, HSE Plan and procedures to attain HSE policy objectives. BME's HSE management system is based on the Total Quality management (TQM) principle emphasizing on continuous improvement and integrating HSE aspects in every business endeavor with a proactive approach to HSE MS. The established HSE management system is in line with safety regulations, legislation, contract provisions, codes and standards aims at achieving the company's vision of 'No harm to people and the environment' BME has well established corporate HSE department employing more than 90 qualified, trained & experienced expatriate and national (Omani) HSE staff, responsible to ensure compliance monitoring and review all aspects of HSE MS covering entire organizational activities. They keep update on HSE legislations and apprise the Sr. management. In addition, BME has established dedicated Road Safety section at corporate level, managed by qualified and experienced HSE team, who are responsible for monitoring & reviewing companywide driving activities and appraise the management. With this proactive approach, BME has successfully completed most of the projects with ZERO LTI and striving for achieving incident and injury free workplace exacting to international standards.


Bin Muqadam Enterprises LLC offers wide range of products and services for Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Sectors


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